1. Camping will be permitted on the meadow at the northern end of the site and on the site to the rear of the vulpine hut.
  2. No vehicle access beyond the parking area at the south of the site except for loading and unloading at the beginning and end of the stay.  Should the attendants see fit they may suggest that equipment is transported to the site via a trolley or by tractor and trailer.  NO vehicles should be taken onto the campsites.  Unloading should be done at the track edge.
  3. All campers and visitors are to remain within the boundaries of the site and are to enter and leave only by the main gate.  There is no access beyond the stream on the Northern edge of the main meadow, the site boundary is the centre of the stream.
  4. A key will be provided for the main gate and also for the toilet/shower block.
  5. The campfire area in the Spinney may be used but it is to be left in a clean and tidy condition after use.
  6. The camping area is to be left in a clean and tidy condition.  In particular
    • All rubbish is to be burnt or placed in the appropriate bins in the recycling compound.
    • No fires are to be lit on grassed areas.
    • All litter is to be collected and placed in the wheelie bin on the car park.
    • Chemical toilets can be used.  These must be emptied into the manhole cover next to the wardens office where there is a hose for cleaning down.
    • There is to be no washing of utensils or cloths under the water tap.
  7. All flora and fauna on the site are to be preserved; no flowers may be picked nor any trees felled.  Dead wood only is to be used for fires.  There is to be no trapping or shooting on or off the site.
  8. All user organizations are to maintain their own insurance cover, including public liability.  No public liability is accepted by the management committee for loss or damage to persons or property, howsoever caused.
  9. Any damage caused by users is to be compensated for.  The right to require payment of a deposit to cover anticipated costs at any time before departure is reserved.
  10. All users are to comply with any request or direction issued, verbally or in writing, by the management committee, through the attendants.
  11. Entry to and exit from the site is subject to the payment of all site fees, deposits and any other payments properly due from users.
  12. Leaders must ensure that there is adequate supervision of young users at all times.
  13. A non-returnable deposit will be required with any booking.
  14. Toilet and shower block must be left in a clean and tidy condition.  Any damage to, or loss of property will be charged to the users.



  1. Switch for water heater on wall to the right of the heater.  Please switch this on before using water from the hot water tap.
  2. Cupboards on the far end wall (in line with the fridge) are for your use.
  3. When washing up please use the bowl in the sink.  (This will help to prevent marking to the sink).
  4. All cleaning equipment is in the tall cupboard opposite the small sink.
  5. Please clean all work surfaces and floor before you leave.


  1. Please see that toilets are cleaned and flushed before leaving and that the floor is clean.

Leaders Room and Hall

  1. Please sweep floor and leave clean and tidy.
  2. The switches for the heaters in the hall are on the wall next to the phone in the entrance hall.
  3. When you leave the building please be sure that all heaters have been switched off, including the water heater in the kitchen.
  4. Please switch off all lights.


  1. Meters for the showers can be found in the ‘cubby hole’ at the rear of the building.  A pound coin is needed to operate these.  (£1 will run many showers).
  2. Please check that lights are switched off in block before leaving.
  3. The point for turning on the water and electricity are also in the ‘cubby hole’.  Please can you make sure they are turned off before you leave.
  4. All cleaning materials for the block are in the ‘cubby hole’.  Please clean the sinks and toilets and see they are flushed.  The floor should be swept and if muddy washed.  (The easiest way to do this is to pour a bucket of water over the floor and then sweep from the sinks out towards the door).


  1. Tap for turning on the water is outside the hut, on the side, towards the back.Please turn this off before you leave.
  2. Please leave building clean and tidy.
  3. Leave fridge and freezer empty and clean.

4.     Place all rubbish in appropriate bin in recycling compound